The A-Spadz Cavet

We Pursue A Lighter, Faster And More Energetic Riding Feeling

A-Spadz brand was founded by Mr. Abel Jordan in 2019. A-Spadz has rapidly accumulated a large number of fans and user communities around the world, also is one of the most famous electric bicycle trend brands. The products we developed are new energy electric two-wheel bikes which integrate traditional locomotives and youth culture.

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We are committed to creating high-quality, fashionable and advanced electric travel modes.With more than 23 years of development and manufacturing experience, we provide customers with innovative products, the most advanced technology and extensive services.

      Electric travel is a new channel to integrate with people's daily life. A-Spadz is committed to promoting the development and innovation of electric mode in the new era.


Our team is growing fast. We're on the search fordynamic, smart, fun, and purpose-driven people to helpus bring MOTTO to the entire world.



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Free test drive appointmentWant to experience the new riding excitement brought by CAVET?Want to be the first person to experience the new A-Spadz?Make an appointment immediately ,and experience at once . A-Spadz will take you to travel.

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