The A-Spadz Cavet

Five different color types, to be the focus on the street.More limited themes and accessories sale at limited time to enrich the fun of riding.

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Inverted Air Suspension Fork

A-Spadz uses an inverted air shock front fork to improve the handling of the bike with higher overall rigidity and more sensitive suspension reaction. Achieve the most comfortable riding experience through preset, rebound and pressure adjustment, and deal


Cavet uses A-Spadz patented nylon steel gear shaft with strength 4.3 times that of ordinary nylon gear shaft. 400W powerful motor brings strong riding experience.Even on steep mountain roads, the Cavet motor still provides stable power. A-Spadz makes CA

LCD Display

Choose 3.5-inch LCD display is to help you more intelligently control the Cavet during the riding process. The display data can assist your riding, and you can also adjust the Cavet to your most comfortable riding mode through the display.

Monitored battery usage shown in %
Display current power consumption
Real-time monitoring speed
Select power levels
Show trip time / trip distance for each riding
Calculate total distance
Indicate range in real time

48V20AH Lithium Battery

Cavet uses the most advanced 21700 cells with the battery capacity of 960 watt hours.Through the rearrangement of the cell support and BMS,safety and capacity density of the battery are strengthened,and improves the discharge efficiency of the battery und

Multi-function Light System

Cavet uses a multi-function car lamp: 150 lumens wide, 2100 lumens of light beam to focus on the front, to broaden the vision of riding in the dark. Independent bracket design to prevent bumping affecting the headlight angle. The tail light is equipped wi

Cafe Fender

Cavet uses a simple and fashionable single-arm fender, a single-sided double-steel bracket, to ensure the stability of the fender, and to block the mud and water in the difficult and muddy roads to affecting the riding experience.


Key Components
Electric System


Speed sensor


KMC Stainless steel


20” x 4” All-terrain tires

Front & Rear Spokes

Stainless steel, 13G

Drive Mode

Throttle drive and pedal assist


6061 Aircraft grade aluminum alloy


Inverted air suspension fork


Customized Cafe Racer style racing saddle


125mm Alloy crank arms 44 tooth steel chaining


180mm Hydraulic disc brake Electricity cut-off - 2 piston


IPX 7 Waterproof

Motor Power

750W/500W (Peak/ Nominal)

Battery Voltage Capacity

48V-20AH-960 Watt-Hours


Patented nylon steel gear hub 4.3X times strength compare to nylone gear


3.5 Inches full-led display with 5 levels, 48v, with usd charger, quick connection


21700 Lithum battery -Smart BMS -Fully potted IP67 water & dust resistant -Portable

Safe Charger Included

Safe Charger Included 3AMP Quick charger -Over current protection -Over voltage protection -Over temperature protection -Short-circuit protection -Reverse polarity protection-Recharge protection


5.75” - High beam 45W 2100 lumen -Low beam 18W 150 lumen -6 LED lamp- High & Low beam switching


A-Spadz patented rear intergrated light -Daylight/ Brake light/ Turning light

Cavet App Ready

The Cavet comes with an electronics suite that pairs with iOS and Android devices through the APP.


How long can the battery last?

After the Cavet is fully charged, it can drive about 50 kilometers on a flat road with a temperature of 20 Celsius degree. The use of assisted cycling mode can obtain a higher range according to the degree of assistance. The battery can be removed for cha

Can the battery be removed?

Yes, the battery is designed so that you can replace it (but it is not allowed to disassemble the inside of the battery). Use the key to unlock the battery and remove it from the socket.

How can I drive CAVET?

You can use variety of ways to ride the Cavet to get more fun. Cavet supports the pure handlebar drive mode. You can simply turn the right hand switch to get a maximum speed of 25km/h (higher speed in non-paved roads and enclosed places). The specially ad

Is A-Spadz APP applicable to any smartphone operating system?

Cavet App is applicable to any mobile phone running 10S or Android system. The application is free.

Do I need a driver's license to drive Cavet?

Cavet is an electric power assisted bicycle and does not need a driver's license.

What preparations should be made before driving?

Please check whether there are loose fasteners and damaged parts before driving each time. Please ensure that the driver wears safety helmet and other protective equipment. When the power is less than 20%, please use the charger provided by the government

Is Cavet waterproof?

Yes, the Cavet bike is designed to be used in all weather conditions, but it should be noted that the wading depth should not be greater than 15cm. If the wading depth is too deep, there will be a risk of water ingress and short circuit in the electrical

Why use the inverted front fork?

The inverted front fork has higher overall rigidity and more sensitive suspension response, reduces the unsprung mass and improves bike handling.

Can batteries be purchased separately?

You can buy it separately to get more riding mileage or reduce the time you wait for charging. The subsequent mileage of the battery will be shortened after a long time of use (more than 2 years or more than 500 cycles). At that time, replacing the batter

Can Cavet be licensed?

Cavet meets the domestic 3C standard and can be licensed. Take the 3C certificate of the bike, the owner's ID card, the electric bike certificate and the purchase invoice to the local bike management office for registration.The specific registration polic

Why is there dust and slight use marks when the new car is unpacked?

Hello, after the whole bike is assembled, some necessary tests will be carried out,to ensure the quality of the bike, and slight dust and some traces may be produced during the process.

What needs to be installed when the new car is received?

Hello, when you receive the new bike, the whole bike will complete all the installation work at the Cavet authorized sales point, without your manual installation.

What functions can be controlled in APP?

The Cavet APP can connect the bike, and can more easily control the Cavet and show the GPS track function through the mobile phone,also can adjust the gear. It includes fault detection, speed indicator, show battery power , etc.

How to deal with the brake doesn't work?

In case of brake failure, please stop cycling immediately and transport the bike to the nearest Cavet maintenance site for inspection.

What should I do if the screws become loose after cycling for a period of time?

Before delivering the car to the owner, the store will tighten the screws of the whole car to ensure the correct torque of the screws. If the screws are loose during the subsequent riding process, you can use the tool kit provided with the car to tighten

How about the lighting effect of riding at night?

1.Meet the requirements of the national standard and meet the needs of cycling. 2. The headlight lighting effect can be comparable to the motorcycle level lighting effect.

Can I guarantee if Cavet normal wear and tear?

Any product will have certain loss after use, but depending on the number of times of use, the length of time, and the degree of consumption increase, we can only provide normal after-sales warranty based on the product performance failure within the prod

How does Cavet turn on and off the Cruise control?

Cavet selects to activate the cruise control function on the APP, and then keeps the switch open for 4 seconds during the ride. The bike will enter the cruise control mode, and then any operation of the brake will interrupt the cruise control.

When does the tire need to be inflated? What is the normal tire pressure?

After the bike is delivered, the front and rear tire pressures will be set to 20 PSI, and then the user can adjust the tire pressures according to the weight and the road conditions. It is not recommended that the tire pressures are too low or exceed 30 P

Do I have to pay for the repair of the bike?

The quality assurance of the core components of the whole bike of the Cavet electric bike is 1 year (the core components include the motor, charger, frame, etc. of the Cavet electric bike), and the quality assurance of other parts of the Cavet electric bi